Summer Youth Baseball Since 1956


Red Sox 2, Indians 0
	The Sox clinched first place in this low-scoring game. Dan Dunan 
had a triple and single for the winners, driving home Cole Vanderslice 
with the first run. He then scored on a hit by Andrew Redmond. Vanderslice 
made some key defensive plays on the mound (minor league games use a 
pitching machine) and Kelly Edwards also was strong defensively. Sam 
Oliva had two hits for the Indians.

Yankees 8, Angels 3
	Solomon Griffith had two doubles with Brett Cook and Jesse 
Schmeizer each getting two singles.  

Red Sox 19, Twins 2
	The Sox attacked the pitching machine with fury. Kelly Edwards, 
Cole Vanderslice, Dan Nunan, Andrew Redmond and Nicky Brady each had 
four hits as the Red Sox improved to 3-0. Joe Salmonsen had a triple 
with Shannon DeCosta, Brian Foulke, Steven Palez and Joe Kelly each 
getting three hits.

Indians 10, Brewers 4
	Chris Ney had a double and single to pace the Indians  18-hit attack. 
Sam Oliva, Dominic Payne and Alex Oves each added three singles with Randy 
Young getting two singles. Victor Mahar had two singles for the Brewers 
with Corey Green adding a double.

Yankees 11, Orioles 1
	Solomon Griffith had a home run and two doubles for the Yanks. Mitch 
Bartels added three singles with Nick Presnall and Kyle Phillips each 
getting two singles.

Red Sox 7, Brewers 5
	Nicky Brady, Louie Williams, Andrew Redmond and Cole Vanderslice 
each had two hits. Vanderslice threw out a runner at home from centerfield 
to cut short a Brewers rally. Maddie Logue, Victor Mahar and Korey Green 
each had key hits for the Brewers.

Orioles 10, Twins 5
	Bo Schmid had a home run and two singles. Gavin Gallagher, Mikey 
Roberts and Cutter Schmid each had three singles, Will Atwood had a 
triple and a single.

Red Sox 6, Yankees 5
	Donovan Graham singled home Danielle Donoghue with the winning run 
in the sixth inning. Solomon Griffith had a triple and two doubles. 
Kyle Phillips had a double and single.  

Indians 18, Twins 2
	Tom Oves had two doubles and two singles as the Indians knocked out 
29 hits. Chris Ney and Randy Young each had a double and three singles, 
Dominic Payne had four singles and Hunter Leeds smacked three doubles. 
Michael Pinto had a pair of singles for the Twins.

American 12, National 8
	Maddie Logue, Tony Wilson, Craig Nordberg, Korey Green, Danny Nunan, 
Kellie Edwards and Solomon Griffith each had two singles for the winners. 
Chris Ney and Hunter Leeds each had a single and double for the Nationals 
with Mikey Roberts getting two singles.

(Game summaries are written based on information supplied by the OCYAA. 
If a game is not included here it is because the team managers did not report it.)