Summer Youth Baseball Since 1956


Playoff Results

Tue. June 21	Athletics 12, Phillies 1 (Championship Game)
	Sean Herron had two triples, a double and a single to spark 
the A's to the championship. John Huff added a pair of doubles & 
a pair of singles. Corey Buscaglia was the winning pitcher. 

Mon. June 20	Phillies 7, Athletics 5 (Playoff Championship Series)
	Winning pitcher James Plourde blasted a two-run, walkoff 
home run in the sixth to tie the series. Plourde also had two doubles. 
Derek Crossman had two singles & a home run. Ken Yachera also 
hit a home run. For the A's, Sean Herron had a home run, triple & 
double. There wasn't one home run hit over the fence all season before 
this game and four sailed over in this one.

Fri. June 17	Athletics 5, Phillies 1 (Playoff Championship Series)
	John Huff struck out 11 and pitched a complete-game 
2-hitter. Tyler Onesty had a double & single and Huff added 
2 singles. Derek Crossman and Michael Saunders got the two hits 
for the Phils. 

Fri. June 10	Phillies 4, Pirates 3
	Walt "Wojo" Franks broke a 3-3 tie with a bases loaded 
hit in the bottom of the 6th to end the game & advance the 
Phils into the championship series. James Plourde was the 
winning pitcher. Tommy Ballezzi blasted a home run for the 

Tue. June 14	Athletics 10, Devil Rays 1
	Corey Buscaglia, John Huff & Sean Herron combined 
to pitch a no-hitter and move the A's into the championship 
series. Sean Balzer's double was the big hit in the game. 

Mon. June 13	Pirates 7, Phillies 6
	Blakley Faunce drove home the winning run as the 
Phils tied the series. Jack Handshaw had 3 hits & 
scored 3 times. Greg Jones was the winning pitcher in 

Thu. June 9	Athletics 10, Devil Rays 1
	John Huff had a triple & 2 singles for the A's with Evan 
Foulke & Sean Herron each getting 2 hits. Huff was the 
winning pitcher. 

Mon. June 6	Pirates 9, Devil Rays 6 (7 innings)
	Jack Handshaw made a game-saving catch in rightfield for 
the Pirates. Jack McKernan was the winning pitcher in relief. 
Greg Jones had 3 hits & 4 RBIs to spark the win. Tim Kernan 
had a triple & 3 RBIs for the Rays. 
1. Athletics
2. Pirates
3. Phillies
4. Devil Rays

Regular Season

Thu. June 2	Athletics 17, Devil Rays 3
	Sean Herron got the win with John Huff getting a double & triple 
for the red-hot A's. Corey Buscaglia added a double with Tyler Onesty 
getting two singles.  

Tue. May 31	Athletics 15, Devil Rays 0 (4 innings)
	John Huff & Sean Herron combined for a no-hitter, Huff working the 
1st three innings. Herron had a double and two singles and Meredith 
Miedema added a single and double.  

Fri. May 27	Athletics 11, Phillies 6
	Derek Crossman delivered a pair of doubles and winning pitcher 
Sean Herron drove home three runs for the A's.   

Mon. May 23	Athletics 14, Phillies 0
	John Huff & Evan Fouke combined for a 2-hitter. Herron contributed 
a triple, a double and 5 RBIs. Huff drove home 2 with a pair of singles. 
And Kodi Segich doubled for the A's.  

Thu. May 19	Athletics 11, Pirates 0
	John Huff & Sean Herron combined for a 2-hitter. Herron contributed 
a pair of triples with Corey Buscaglia & Kodi Segich adding 2 hits each. 
Tommy Ballezzi & Greg Jones had the 2 hits for the Pirates.  

Tue. May 17	Pirates 4, Athletics 0
	Tommy Ballezzi struck out 16 of 18 outs while pitching a no-hitter 
for the Pirates. Corey Buscaglia & Evan Foulke combined for a one-hitter 
for the Athletics. 

Thu. May 12	Athletics 12, Devil Rays 1
	Three A's pitchers - Evan Foulke, winner John Huff & Sean Herron - 
combined for a no-hitter. Meredith Miedema & Alex Szabo each had 2 
hits, Herron contributed a bases-loaded triple. Losing pitcher Justin 
Ruggia struck out 5 in 3 innings, retiring the first 8 batters.

Wed. May 11	Pirates 10, Phillies 3
	Tommy Balezzi & Jack Handshaw combined on a 2-hitter as the 
Pirates made it 2 straight. Balezzi had a home run & singles, driving 
home 3 runs.

Tue. May 10	Athletics 16, Devil Rays 4
	Sean Herron smacked a three-run, inside-the-park home run for the 
first place A's. Corey Buscaglia was the winning pitcher with relief from 
Evan Foulke.

Thu. May 5	Pirates 14, Devil Rays 2
	Tom Balezzi had a pair of hits & 3 RBIs. He was also the winning 
pitcher as the Pirates won for the 1st time.

Wed. May 4	Athletics 11, Phillies 1
	John Huff, Sean Herron & Corey Buscaglia teamed to pitch a 2-hitter 
& strike out 15, 10 of them by Huff in his 4 innings. Kody Segich & Evan 
Foulke got their 1st Major League hits and Foulke made a diving grab at 1st 
base. James Plourde had both of the Phillies' hits.

Tue. May 3	Devil Rays 16, Pirates 14 (4 innings) 
	Justin Ruggia collected a single and double and pitched one inning 
of relief to earn the victory. Andrew Vivarelli had a single and triple 
for the Pirates.

Mon. May 2	Phillies 4, Athletics 3
	James Plourde struck out 14 and handed the A's their first loss. He also 
had 2 hits & scored 3 times. John Huff had 3 hits & Sean Herron 2 for the 
Athletics. Huff, Corey Buscaglia & Herron combined to fan 13 & pitch a 

Fri. Apr. 29	Athletics 10, Pirates 2
	Starting pitcher John Huff struck out 11 in 4 innings for the win. Evan 
Foulke came on in relief. Meredith Miedema & Corey Buscaglia each had 2 
hits. Tom Ballezzi had 2 hits for the PIrates.  

Thu. Apr. 28	Athletics 11, Pirates 0
	Corey Buscaglia, John Huff & Sean Herron combined on a 1-hitter 
and struck out 15 and delivered the A's only three hits. Greg Jones had 
the lone hit for the Pirates.  

Wed. Apr. 27	Devil Rays 9, Phillies 7 (4 innings)
	Luke Bachich struck out the side in the fourth to preserve the win 
for Justin Ruggia in this game shortened to four innings by darkness. 
He also had a pair of doubles. Derek Crossman had a double and triple 
for the Phillies.  

Mon. Apr. 25	Phillies 8, Devil Rays 7 (10 innings)
	James Plourde struck out the side in the 10th to end this marathon 
which was completed two nights later. Plourde, Derek Crossman & Bob 
Batchelet each had 2 hits.