Summer Youth Baseball Since 1956


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2.Devil Rays

Playoff Results

Jy11	Championship Game -  Pirates defeated Devil Rays
Jy9	Championship Series - Devil Rays defeated Pirates
Jy5	Championship Series - Pirates 23, Devil Rays 14
Jy2	Semi-Finals - Devil Rays 5, Braves 0
	Tyler Reich pitched the shutout, struck out 11 and drove home 2 runs with single.
Jy1	Semi-Finals - Pirates 3, Marlins 1
	Pat Lavin struck out 11 and pitched a one-hitter as the Pirates upset the Marlins 
	to advance to the finals. Jon McCrosson fanned nine for the Marlins. Clayton Harper had 2 hits 
	for the Pirates, Steve Hoffman got the only hit for the Marlins. 
J26	Semi-Finals - Marlins 19, Pirates 8
	Eathen Gallagher had 3 hits and Alex Wallace 2 - Brett Johnson was WP.
J24	Semi-Finals -- Pirates 8, Marlins 7
	Mike Oberg drove home the winning run in the top of the 6th.
J21	Semi-Finals -- Devil Rays 2, Braves 1 (7 innings)
	Joey Berger delivered the game-winning hit in the 7th - John Fogarty was WP.
J20	First Round -- Pirates 7, Phillies 2
	Pat Lavin got the win with 9 strikeouts in 5 innings, Alex Wallace had 2 hits.

Regular Season Results
J18 Phillies vs Braves J17 Marlins 15, Pirates 2 Robbie Zauck drove home 3 runs & Brett Johnson had 3 hits. J13 Phillies vs Pirates J12 Braves vs Devil Rays J11 Marlins 6, Phillies 0 Jerome McKiever drove home 2 runs in the 1st inning - Jon McCrosson was WP. J10 Braves 10, Pirates 7 Brian Longo was the winning pitcher. J7 Marlins 2, Devil Rays 1 Key hits in the 6th inning by Rob Hamilton & Brett Johnson sparked the Marlins rally to take over 1st place - WP Jon McCrosson fanned 9, LP Tyler Reich struck out 14. J5 Phillies 13, Pirates 9 Chris Stickle had 2 hits to spark the Phils to their first win after 8 losses. J4 Braves vs Marlins J3 Devil Rays 10, Phillies 5 Tyler Reich had a single, double & triple - John Fogarty was the WP. M31 Marlins 8, Pirates 1 Ben Decima drove home 3 runs with a double, Steven Hoffman had 2 hits. M30 Braves 5, Phillies 4 M29 Pirates 14, Devil Rays 9 Mike O'Neil hit a key bases-loaded single, Pat Lavin fanned 7 for the win. M28 Marlins 19, Phillies 8 Shane Toolin drove home 6 runs, Billy Godfrey had 3 hits & Brett Johnson was WP. M24 Devil Rays defeated Braves M23 Pirates 15, Phillies 2 Tyler Lawlor hit a grand slam, Pat Lavin was the winning pitcher. M22 Marlins 3, Devil Rays 1 Jon McCrosson pitched a 3-hitter and added a double & single. M21 Braves 4, Pirates 2 Michael Gavin drove home 2 runs, Jackie Warlow got the win. M17 Braves 6, Marlins 5 Jack Warlow had two key doubles and was the winning pitcher. M16 Devil Rays 2, Phillies 1 John Fogarty singled, scored winning run-Ken Millivoi almost pitched Phils to upset. M15 Devil Rays 11, Pirates 2 Mike Lince had 3 hits & Tyler Huck had 3 RBIs. M10 Devil Rays 15, Phillies 5 John Fogarty was the winning pitcher. M9 Marlins 5, Pirates 1 Jon McCrosson tossed a 3-hitter - Rob Hamilton's 2 RBIs were critical. M8 Devil Rays 12, Braves 2 Josh Marciano had 2-run homer & Rachel Breitinger a 2-run single-WP was Tyler Reich. M7 Marlins 10, Phillies 1 Bill Godfrey & Tyler Thompson each had 2 RBIs - WP was Brett Johnson. M6 Pirates 12, Braves 6 Tyler Lawlor's bases loaded double was big hit - Matt Sullivan got the win. M3 Devil Rays 7, Marlins 3 John Fogarty had a 2-run double, Matt Saunders a 2-run single. M1 Marlins 7, Braves 1 Jon McCrosson pitched a two-hitter, Brett Johnson doubled home 2 runs. A30 Devil Rays 3, Pirates 0 Tyler Reich tossed the shutout - Matt Saunders & John Fogarty had key hits. A27 Braves defeated Phillies